Above the courts, beyond the twenty something years of forced labor that you can sentence us to, beyond the eternity of forced labor if you want, I see the dawn of freedom and equality breaking. Come on! You are fed up with it, you are disgusted with what is going on around you!… How can you calmly watch the proletariat suffer without end while others gorge themselves?

Louise Michel

excerpt of her defense speech from the hearing of June 21, 1883

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i know that last post was kind of half-baked, i apologize! it’s not a full thought process — i usually really dislike reading or making posts that focus solely on theoretical analysis of a problem. the world is fucking overrun with theoretical analyses of problems. i’m just not totally sure, right now, as to what i can do about this.

i feel that parental/domestic abuse of children is partially enabled by a legal system which gives one or two individual adults a disproportionate amount of power over a minor.

this particular type of power imbalance is unique because young children are vulnerable and do require care from adults. my intention in criticizing the way parent-child relationships exist currently in this culture — (i’m speaking only of american culture, since it’s the one i’m most familiar with, but i’m sure it applies to others as well) — is not to delegitimize the basic idea of a relationship between a parent and a child, but to point out that the way legal and social perceptions of these relationships have developed — home lives are private, parents are the ultimate specific authority over children, communities often play less of a role in raising children — have given parents and legal guardians a huge amount of wiggle room in terms of what they’re able to get away with, what they’re allowed to do to the children under their care.

there are plenty of genuinely caring and decent people who are parents/legal guardians out there; but that doesn’t make the parent-child relationship — both as a legal concept and in practice — any less fraught with the potential of real violence and harm. i’m absolutely not saying don’t have kids, or you’re a terrible parent no matter what you do, because that’s unrealistic, black-and-white bullshit. but i do think it’s extremely important for parents and legal guardians to be very careful and very aware of the different kinds of power they hold, and the effects of abusing that power.

i guess one thing parents in this society really should realize is that they are almost always the greatest individual danger to their children until said children are no longer minors. parents who don’t realize how inherently dangerous they are are probably the most dangerous kind of parents.

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OH GOD is boo out yet?????

NO IT ISN’T i just. i just. i just. i’ve been made aware of one single mild-but-also-major spoiler of which i am fairly certain of the reliability; and so i’m already forming opinions about it, apparently. (IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED I REALLY HOPE YOU DIDN’T READ THE POST;;; I’M SO SORRY)

(normally i would never ever post about spoilers, especially if i thought they were reliable, but i couldn’t help myself this time, god D:)

sapphirefiber answered your question:hey, uh. binding question, if anyone knows the…

I bought a cheap strapless binder off ebay and it bruised my ribs after a few hours :( I haven’t found a good one yet.

yeah they don’t look too good :/ i actually bought that ebay tank top binder a while back (this one) and i know people were saying it was unsafe? but i have never experienced any sort of major discomfort wearing it — it’s only slightly less comfortable than my underworks tri-top (which is pretty a+, does the job, but the neckline is so high i can’t wear it with a lot of shirts). the material in the ebay tank one is softer and also it’s less expensive. but i’ve seen enough complaints about the strapless one that i’m not going to try it.

maaaan i just. i want a binder i can wear under lower-cut tops! bluh

hey, uh. binding question, if anyone knows the answer:

are there any existing strapless binders that you can wear for a decent length of time without experiencing discomfort and pain? i constructed one myself, but i’m unable to wear it for more than a few hours and it usually ends up giving me the full combination of difficulty breathing + chest pain + back/neck pain + digging into skin; and i’m pretty small chested.

so i looked around online, but when i see a website model in a strapless binder i wince because it looks just as uncomfortable as the one i’ve got? they just don’t look like they have enough… stability? without straps? they look like they’re excessively tight and pinchy and uncomfortable, basically.

i’d really, really like one, though, so — anyone have experience with them? are there any decent, reliable ones?